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These cartridges burn slowly, emitting plumes of smoke. They contain the only composition for producing safe, non-toxic colored smoke.  The smoke poses no known health or safety hazards when used responsibly.  Shelf life is 3 years! Though our stock is turned over several times a year.   Ignite with butane lighter, use in smoke cup etc.  

Use caution as cartridges/powder burns hot and colors WILL stain objects that are directly next to the smoke stream.   In general, if you are at least 30-40 cm from the smoke cartridge staining should not occur.  We have sold these for many years to photographers, top fashion magazine shoots etc, all without incident.  Use common sense!

Use WHITE if staining is a concern. Must be used on a non-flammable surface such as aluminium pie trays etc.  Our color smokes are compatible with each others, so you can burn the smokes side by side (in a trail) having a color change effect or mix them together to create your own custom color.

Dark Grey is best for burning buildings for film/sfx work.  All smokes can be crushed and used in smoke cups etc.

Smoke colors are classed as NON DANGEROUS goods and do not require any licence to buy or use.  However USE COMMON SENSE!

Prices are nett as listed. NO quantity discounts.

We suggest you light with a small propane jet lighter.


Colour Smokes are classified as non-dangerous goods, no permits or licences are needed to purchase or use them.  However they have been developed for use by photographers, sfx technicians etc. USE RESPONSIBLY. A detailed instruction sheet is included with each order.

They can be lit with BBQ lighters (yellow flame).The best and fastest way to light is with a blue flame lighter as below.

TOTAL MINIMUM ORDER IS $20.00 excluding delivery.

Coloured Smoke Products ARE NOT RETURNABLE.


Can I come to your store and pick up my order?  No, we don’t have a store.  Also, customers are not allowed inside our facility due to OH&S and insurance requirements.

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NSW:  Sydney & Suburbs, Tamworth, Orange, Canberra, Wagga Wagga, Yarrawonga, Central Coast, Newcastle, Port Macquarie, Coffs Harbour, Northern Rivers (and surrounding areas) $10     2-4 days.  All other NSW $30  7  days*

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SA:  Adelaide & Suburbs  $10 2 days.  All other SA  $30 4 -7 days*

TAS:  Launceston, Hobart and surrounding suburbs $10            3 days  All other Tas $30  4-7 days*

WA:  Perth and surrounding suburbs: $10  7-14 days.  All other WA and NT : $50 ATL ONLY,  allow 10-14 days for delivery*

*Extremely remote areas may incur extra charges or be outside our courier's delivery area. We will contract you if this is the  case.


Colour smoke holder for our  90 second, 3 minute and 4 minute colour smoke cartridges.  Solid disc deflects smoke from your hand. (not suitable for 45 sec smoke)

You can hold smoke for full burn time.  Re-useable.    $10.00

Available with a WHITE or BLACK disc. Handle shape may vary.

Smoke Holder Options

45 SECOND SMOKE  (only available in white or orange)

(if using in Smoke Cup, just crush a small amount). Small volume smoke, great for indoor use in sfx, minature sfx, props etc. Size: 20mm plus 15mm base (total 35mm) x 14mm OD   45 seconds WHITE  OR ORANGESMOKE (4 cubic metres) $4.00 each

45 Second Smoke Options

90 SECOND SMOKE  (only available in white or orange)

90 seconds WHITE OR ORANGE SMOKE (17 cubic metres) $6.00 each size: 32mm x18mm OD

45 Second Smoke Options

Click on images below:

These colour smokes are THE PRODUCT for photographers...fantastic for wedding and fashion shoots.  Great for advertising shoots, SFX, Fire drills etc.   Some people prefer the dark grey as a blue smoke (see video above).  Also used for model aircraft smoke - see below,         


.Size: 62mm x 18mm OD

Blue, Orange, Yellow, Red (often used as pink), Green, White ,Dark Grey (35 cubic metres) $10.00 each   (Dark grey is sometimes referred to as BLACK, but in reality it is more dark grey :-)  Size 62mm x 18mm OD

Colored Smoke Options


70 cubic metres.  $20.00 each   

Red, (often used as Pink), Blue, Orange, Yellow,  Green, White, Dark Grey.    Size: 62mm x 32mm OD   

Colored Smoke Options


For leak testing, adds another dimension - smell, as well as sight. Available in 90 second $7.00 and 3 minute $12.00

Please note the smell is more of an industrial perfume used to detect leaks along with visual smoke.  It is not a "delicate" perfume.

Perfumed Smoke Options


A test smoke so clean from chlorides it is  suitable to test in server rooms and other sensitive areas. Ideal for the air balancing industry, HVAC professionals etc.  The smoke particulate is of a dry and solid nature and will not leave behind any oils or messy residue on sensitive areas.  The  smoke is white to light grey and is reflective and easily observed and photographed.  Size: 32mm x18mm OD

90 seconds duration.  $6.50 each 


The smoke pen works like a mechanical pencil!  Insert the wick into the pen, exposing 10mm.  Light with a match or lighter. The pen will provide a continuous trail of smoke…3 hrs continuous or 360 individual 30 second smoke tests.  Extinguish by simply replacing the protective cover.  Store and re-use.  Excellent for testing smoke alarms, negative/positive pressure etc. Non toxic, cool burning.

Pen with 6 replacement wicks $85.00

Pack of 6 wicks $59.00


LARGEST smoke available......500 cubic metres, 6 minutes duration!  You are required to advise us of how you intend using this item in the message area at checkout. $125.00


Pack of 25 smoke matches.  For air flow testing etc.  0.7M output 20 second burn time   $19.00


These quality professional igniters are perfect for all low-voltage applications. Optional for igniting our color smoke.  Mainly used for SFX, theatrical or when you want the smoke to “appear” in shot. Complete with instruction sheet.

When electricity from a standard battery  (3.0-9V) is applied to the igniter leads the igniter's nichrome wire will become immediately hot enough to ignite any of our Flash Paper, Flash Cotton, Slow Cotton, and Smoke Cartridges.  These igniters are the only igniters that will ignite our Smoke Cartridges.  20cm insulated leads which can be extended if necessary.  They can also be taped to the side of a balloon to pop a balloon, by extending the igniter wire.  These igniters are NOT PYROTECHNIC and do not require a licence.  More information HERE

$2.75 each      Pkt 12 $30.00


The Smoke Cup is a must for coloured smoke lovers. This device enables you to create your favourite coloured smoke, right from the palm of your hand.  Used by magicians, theatre etc.

Can also be fitted on any prop; simply screw it down, load it, and strike the wheel. About five seconds later, a mysterious cloud of coloured smoke will be seen billowing around your favourite illusion. Perfect for Aladdin's lamp. Requires raw coloured smoke powder that can be taken out of our Smoke Cartridges in addition to Slow Cotton (not included). $48.00



Slow Cotton in not a flash cotton, but specifically designed for igniting coloured smoke in the smoke cup. Pack of 6  $8.25


A specially treated cloth, when ignited produces a whispy smoke.  Use in ashtrays, on clothing (with protection!) or to show the smouldering after effects of fire.

100mm square x 4  $14.00  (A single 2.5 x 2.5 cm  square burns for approximately 1 minute)


Need COLOR SMOKE FIREWORKS for your event or wedding in daylight?  We can provide these services for you (Victoria Only). These items CANNOT be sold to you, they are display fireworks.  Contact us for more information.


Our smoke cartridges 3 minute  and 4 minute can be attached to model aircraft using these wing adapter kits.  Placing an adapter on each wing with the 3 minute cartridge adds 60 gms. to your flying weight.   $19.95 pair, smoke not included


This adapter is for the  4 minute smoke.  This will add 90 grams to your flying weight, including smoke cartridge.  $19.95 each, smoke not included.