There is a tendency to try and spread a small budget much too far in the mistaken belief that  "time equals value".  It is important to realise that there is no direct relationship between cost and duration. A budget of, say, $3000 could be fired in either 8 minutes  (an unforgettable experience) or over 30 minutes (a rather tedious and boring affair).

It is very difficult to assess identically priced displays from different sources. Although some feel it is important to compare estimates of proposed material content, it is equally important to consider the quality of the fireworks and the expertise and enthusiasm of the operator.

Just as in any other business, you have a Pyrotechnician and a Pyrotechnician; we do not all produce the same quality and the same type of display. Fireworks with identical brand and reference numbers are available in a variety of qualities. We check on the quality. We do not use cheap inferior fireworks merely to pad a display. The fireworks we use are superior quality fireworks sourced directly from overseas and premium local suippliers.

The duration of a display should be determined by the occasion. In our experience, if the display is meant to climax the evening, it should last about 5 to 10 minutes. This would be sufficient to obtain maximum impact. If the display is meant to be the main event of the evening, then a minimum duration of 15 to 25 minutes should be considered. Fireworks displays are best appreciated if the firing is brisk without blank pauses. It s not duration that counts, but how spectacular is your display.