Fundraising Tips

Firework Event Fundraising Tips for charities, Rotary, Lions clubs, Scouts, School Association  have been created by seasoned fundraisers. 

They are not all encompassing and require the individual to use their own judgment for their specific situation. 

Most Firework events tend to build up a reputation year on year. 

So when starting out think long term and how the event will build up. 

A modest junior or senior school can start out making profits in excess of $1,000 for the School. This can build to in excess of $4000 in time (depending on weather, site and marketing) 

The recent number of high profile fireworks events (Olympics, New Years Eve etc) have helped to raise the publics expectations of what a good show looks like, so be sure you put on a show that will be worth the public coming to every year. 


Marketing is hugely important to get the word out and ensure a good attendance. Devise a marketing plan that tells the local public when the event is and what it is for. 

For schools, most parents will support their schools ' event, as it means their children will benefit from the profits.  Be sure they know how their child will benefit. 

Dates & Ticket Pricing 

Research other local events and see when they usually put their show on and how much they charge. Schedule yours before theirs and make sure you are charging less. In the cities a guide for a family ticket is approx. $10 for a school show. Friday night is better than Saturday to ensure there is no conflicts with families social commitments. 


Producing a printed Program for the event might be attractive to sponsors, as their visibility would be increased. It may also be possible to sell advertising space in the program. Selling the program for a small amount would further increase your potential revenue. 


Try and get sponsors to pay for all or part of the cost of the fireworks. 

Remember also to include information about the organisation you are fund-raising for in the program, and a  response mechanism  with Gift Aid declaration that people can use to donate to the cause. Talk to Geelong Fireworks about a fireworks logo for sponsors. 

Sell tickets 

Sell tickets before the event. This commits people before hand and keeps them away from competitive events. 

It is also a good risk mitigator if it should rain on the night. Decide if you charge by car, family or by the person as they arrive at the venue 

Depending you your venue, ensure you sell tickets to all visitors on the night of your event. Some people will wait to see what the weather is doing and just turn up. 

Think about ways to make sure you can receive payment from as many people as possible. Ensure you have sufficient marshals to process ticket sales efficiently and to stop people by-passing your official points of entry. 

Event within an event 

Few people like to stand around at a venue waiting for a fireworks display to start. Use the inevitable waiting to your advantage 

Suggestions for retailing 

Food, burgers, hot dogs,  hot soup 

Hot chocolate 

If it’s warm: 

Food as usual :-), lots of cold drinks. 


Fun fair (small or large), 

Glow sticks, glow necklaces and novelties 

To keep the crowd amused and to entertain the public (which it is what it is all about) you might engage fire performers to provide a bit of ambiance and interest. This is usually quite inexpensive.


Depending on the venue and the generosity of the local retailers a raffle can provide another avenue for entertainment and profit.

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