NOT JUST FOR WEDDINGS!  Any celebration.  PLEASE…...DO NOT use on days of Total Fire Ban and take care using at other times.

Sparklers make a wonderful accessory in weddings and parties.  Sparklers are finding their way more and more into other types of celebrations.  With their scintillating show of sparks, the humble sparkler is now being used to spice up the festivities at parties and weddings across the country.

At some weddings they are held by guests to form either a passageway or a sparkling tunnel for the married couple to pass through. They can be stuck into the ground to make a sparkling light-show effect at a reception.


Our sparklers are made from a length of mild steel wire, the wire core is dipped one or more times in a thick slurry of pyrotechnic composition that, when dry, coats the wire for approximately 2/3 of its length.  Good quality, well-made sparklers should have their composition applied in a smooth, even coat without cracks or excessive bumpiness.

The wire and the composition should exhibit no signs of rust as the presence of rust indicates sparklers that have been subjected to high moisture conditions.  Rusty sparklers will burn only with difficulty, if at all, and should not be used.  Sparklers are for outdoor use only and CANNOT be carried with you or put in your luggage on ANY aeroplane.


As with anything involving high temperatures, proper supervision of young children and adherence to correct lighting and handling methods is necessary in order to avoid careless accidents.

In order to avoid sparkler surprises on the day of your wedding or party, always test out your chosen sparkler a few weeks beforehand.  Try some of the different lighting methods and decide which one will work the best for the event.  If children will be present, decide how the sparklers will be handed out so that there will not be any possibility of unsupervised use of the items.

With every order we include our information sheet on how to light LOTS OF SPARKLERS EASILY, how to handle them and how to dispose of them.

TOTAL MINIMUM ORDER IS $20.00 excluding delivery.

PICK UP IS NOT AVAILABLE under ANY circumstances.

WE DO NOT SHIP EXPRESS / OVERNIGHT / URGENT under any circumstances.  Order early before your event.   

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Australia Wide (*See exclusions below) $15.00

*EXCLUSIONS - We are unable to ship sparklers to NT or remote/country WA.

Excludes  remote country areas and outback areas. S&H to these areas may incur extra fees. We will notify you and you may choose to pay the extra or cancel your order. For these areas you can email to get a quote - please advise delivery Suburb AND Postcode.

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If a parcel is lost in transit we cannot give a refund or replacement of product until a full investigation is done with the freight company which can take up to 4 weeks from time we are notified your goods have not been received. 


Extra sparklers will keep for years if kept dry.   The 3 minute is a long enough burn time for around 100 guests remaining at the end of the night.

"But I want a 100cm sparkler”...well the difference between a 90cm and a 100cm is 10 cm of wire!  (In fact some manufacturers bend the extra 10cm over so it fits in a 90cm pack!) No extra coating, just wire.  One of the advantages is we can ship these for the same price as our 70cm as the carton is under 1 metre long (extra long cartons attract extra shipping).  And your guests wont know the difference!   

Packs:   Sparklers are packed in inner sleeves, unlike some suppliers we do not unpack your sparklers and therefore make them illegal as they are not in the required packaging. Also they are protected in transport.  We use specific couriers ONLY - not illegally through the post!  Sparklers cannot be returned under any circumstances, check with your venue FIRST before ordering.

Extra sparklers will keep for years, if kept dry...use them for parties, NYE etc.

Sparkler pack sizes are to ensure best rate via couriers taking in length vs weight freight calculations and inner pack sizes.

These are not TOY SHOP Sparklers, but produced by factories making Display Fireworks, to our standards.



70 cm                             3 MINUTES approx.         

54    $85

102  $150

150  $200

204  $250

90 cm                           4 MINUTES  approx.

54    $160

102  $250

150  $340

204  $415


Sparklers are just over 10 cm at their widest point.  60 second burn time

25 $60.00   50 $110.00  100 $199.00

Heart Sparkler Options


The best way to light is with a blue flame lighter as below.  $2 shops etc. have these.


Wedding sparkler buckets have become the most popular way of displaying your wedding sparklers for your wedding exit. These Sparkler Buckets are the perfect match for your wedding sparklers!

We offer  40cm high  white buckets. We recommend only putting between 50 to 100 sparklers in each bucket. If you are having a larger sized wedding sparkler send-off we would absolutely recommend using two sparkler send off buckets.

These sparkler buckets are perfect for more ways than just holding your sparklers! By showcasing your sparklers for your wedding you are letting your wedding guests know you will be having a sparkler exit! This will ensure each wedding guests stays until the end of the night to send off the newlyweds in sparkling fashion!

These sparkler buckets also make it easy for each guests to grab one as they head outside to line up. But perhaps the most important reason to purchase these wedding sparkler buckets is for the clean up process! Each wedding guests can easily place their sparklers back into the wedding bucket to make clean up extremely easy and more importantly safe!

Once used, get someone to take them home for you, clean them out and use them for flowers or even as an ice bucket! $25.00

Spoarkler Bucket Options