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To ensure you get the BEST EFFECT POSSIBLE we concentrate on FIREWORKS AND EFFECTS for your entrance/dance....we don't try and juggle MC duties, videos, cameras, photo booths, fridge magnets, lighting etc while using pyro!   For 20 years we do what we do best!  We even take "pyro" precautions when using electronic Sparkular machines just to be sure.  We are the only company that has insurance on these devices!  DJ insurance does not cover them!

Please Note: We require MINIMUM 14 days for Indoor Pyrotechnics, 30 days for Outdoor shows.   For peak wedding times we can book out up to 12 months ahead.

                                                 Our stunning Outdoor Display.  Venue: Windmill Gardens  Photo: Dezine by Mauro

Indoor Pyrotechnics – our stunning Fire and Ice Bridal Dance.

Using state-of-the-art liquid nitrogen to create a non-slip, ultra white fog for you to dance on, whilst our indoor pyrotechnics surround you in fountains of gold or silver.    

Don’t forget the wedding cake with our ICE FOUNTAINS, and perhaps a confetti blast –  your selection of confetti or streamers in your color choice.

At selected venues we can offer departure close proximity fireworks as your bridal car leaves for the night, or as you walk with your partner down the drive.

We can also include our COLOR FLAME SIGNS – full color burning flames with your initials and a flaming red heart with gold arrow.

Of course, should we have the required space, nothing beats a GEELONG FIREWORKS OUTDOOR DISPLAY with heart thumping aerial fireworks!  We also offer “quiet outdoor displays” for sensitive venues

                                               OUR UNIQUE ENTRANCE FOG EFFECT  with YOUR colour choice!


FIREWORKS SIGNS click on images to enlarge.

Click here to see more of our "fire writing" 


Beautiful flaming hearts.  130cm wide, 110cm high.  These MAKE an impact ... fantastic for departure.  We can also add some close proximity fireworks as well.


It's your perfect day;  why not celebrate your "I do's" with a fireworks extravaganza? Geelong Fireworks is THE leader in wedding fireworks displays and can work with you or your wedding planner, to customize a wedding day fireworks show based on your wedding colors and theme.

Part of the amazing silver fountains outside the venue windows!

From elegant streaming fireworks to the ones that go "BOOM !", making your heart race with excitement, we can design a wedding fireworks show that will light up the sky. 

Simply contact us and let us know your budget and we will arrange a one-of-a-kind wedding day fireworks display, just for you. No wedding is complete without the thrill of fireworks!

Geelong Fireworks sees to every detail surrounding your wedding fireworks display, so that you don't have to worry. Our wedding day fireworks display packages include:

Site Safety Inspection. Fireworks Permits. Coordination with , Council, Civil Aviation, WorkSafe, CFA/MMFB and all other authorities.

Liability Insurance, Professional Fireworks Crew!

Geelong Fireworks  can provide a fireworks display for nearly any budget. Outdoor Wedding Fireworks  -- budget friendly!

Wedding Fireworks can fit comfortably into most wedding budgets and there is no greater way to end your wedding event than with a wedding firework display.

Wedding fireworks should certainly always be produced by a professional wedding fireworks company , Geelong Fireworks is the  specialist in the wedding industry.

Needless to say many variables will influence the amount you pay for wedding fireworks including the length of the firework display,  the materials used and the design or concept of your wedding fireworks.

When considering the duration of your wedding fireworks take into account the impact you want to give to your guests.

Think about the theme of your wedding and don't be reluctant to request for the wedding fireworks to be made around your wedding day.  An outdoor wedding display should run around the 6 minute mark.. Wedding fireworks longer than 10 minutes will start to get a bit tedious except  if you have a big spending budget and could lose most of its impact. When browsing on the internet for wedding fireworks be aware of the duration together with price because less reputable firms may give more time but fewer fireworks. 

If you are having a white wedding why not ask for an almost all white, that is, silver firework finale.   Wedding fireworks could be enhanced with music, therefore why not chose for the wedding fireworks to be designed to your most popular track? A s a professional wedding firework company we are  happy to explore these arrangements with you but additional items could attract a higher price, so observe that budget.

Wedding Fireworks List:

*Decide on Your Budget     *Talk over with us your needs     *Have a spectacular wedding firework display!

                                            Our stunning Outdoor Display.  Venue: Windmill Gardens   Photo: Dezine by Mauro                                                                                                        Click on below images to enlarge


A stunning way to enter you reception...through a rolling curtain of fog.  THIS IS NOT DJ no coughing or sneezing....the same fog we use for our  bridal dance.  Add some pyro for even more WOW factor.

Colour fast dissipating fog jets.


DOUBLE HEART & FOUNTAINS (gold or silver fountains)

                               Check out some of our outdoor spinning wheels HERE...great for your departure.

          COLOUR SMOKE!

                                          We can supply colour smoke for your photographer or yourself to use.




                                                                   Also check out our confetti page here

If you request us to do confetti, we will check with the venue to see if they allow it if we do not already know their policy.

If booking us for confetti, we do not use the cannons we sell online, but specific confetti shooters.     Whilst we have units that will fire confetti  up to 30 metres, they are not much use if your venue has a 4 metre ceiling.  We have very specific units for high volume discharge.

We can fire confetti on your entrance, end of bridal dance, cake cutting etc.

Metallic (MYLAR) Confetti is best for indoors.  Tissue Paper can get ground into carpets, stick to outfits etc.

Our metallic mylar is stain and flameproof.  We also have fabric tissue rose hearts. or metallic hearts.

You can also buy our DIY Confetti Cannons HERE

Above is our 30cm user friendly confetti cannons.
Which you can order online HERE

Contact us to discuss your requirements.