Adding that extra ‘sparkle’ to your next event

Geelong Fireworks provide professional displays sourcing the best product from our suppliers. We maintain $20 million dollars insurance which we have never claimed against.

When you deal with Geelong Fireworks you get the benefit of  years of experience in show design and display firing. In addition, you get true professionals who REALLY understand fireworks, and an experienced, fully trained crew for your event.

Geelong Fireworks fire all shows electronically regardless of budget. It is SAFER for our crews, and for you – while our senior pyrotechnician fires  the show, crew members maintain a safety watch during the display – they are not running around lighting fireworks!  It also allows us to do some spectacular effects which simply cannot be done by hand lighting.

Our unblemished safety and customer satisfaction records are second to none. We will ensure that the safety guidelines and other regulatory and legal requirements are met or exceeded. Our services are available for your Special Events, Weddings, Corporate Events, Product Launches and Festivals. The fireworks display is probably the most eagerly awaited event at your festival or special event.

Don’t risk the disappointment or liability of a poor or unsafe display. You may think the “cheaper” quote is the way to go, and that after the show you will think “that was great”…. our clients say “that was awesome”. IT IS IMPORTANT to note, that unlike many other suppliers we do not have “standard” packages…….EACH AND EVERY SHOW is designed with you and your event and venue in mind.

We make each display YOUR display.


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Good Afternoon Steve,

Where do I start? Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you!!!! A million times over, thank-you! Daniel and yourself were an absolute pleasure to deal with on the night, and made the night an absolute one to remember!

You delivered such exceptional, quality service, and made great judgment in supplying two fog machines! The entrance was amazing, but what stole my heart was the first dance!

What amazing photo opportunities you created, I’ve attached some just to show how blown away we were by the photos that turned out as a result of the Sparkular machines and the fog!

Everything was made perfect, we cannot thank you enough!!!! We were so lucky to have bumped into you at the wedding expo, you gave us such a great deal and offered such amazing quality of work!

I could continue on all day about how much of a blessing it was to work with you, and to achieve such a magical evening with Geelong Fireworks and yourself, but I’ll leave you on a good note.

Thank-you, a million times over! Kindest Regards, The very happy and newly married, Mrs M.E.L.

Mrs M.E.L

Thank you so much. We had the most amazing wedding day and ended it with your fantastic fireworks which seemed to go on forever. Our guests didn’t know and were surprised and thrilled. They’re still saying ‘best wedding ever’ and one guest has asked for your details. He’s going to book you for his wedding at the end of the year.