We offer a range of bubble effects. Bubbles ARE BACK!

Please note:  We require access to 240 Volt power to operate all of our bubble machines!

FANTASTIC FUN for birthdays of all ages, major events etc.

Weddings & Bubbles: We WILL NOT produce bubbles over dance floors…we are sure you would like to remain UPRIGHT during your bridal dance.  If you venue has a carpeted entrance to the dance floor, or carpeted reception area, we can assist, subject to venue approval.   Bubbles are great when you leave the ceremony, or we can assist for your photo shoot at the venue. We use an amazing bubble fluid that products thousands of bubbles. 

Our PROFESSIONAL  bubble fluid is biodegradable, non-toxic and environmentally safe.  Only food grade chemicals are used in the bubble fluid and the water is UV filtered and de-ionized for the highest quality.  For weddings, store openings, festivals etc.

We can also scent your bubble fluid.  These are sophisticated scents…not “toy bubble perfumes”!

We carry in stock: Crushed Lime Mint, Chocolate Chip, Peppermint, Christmas Pine, Strawberry, Fairy Floss, Cannabis, Vanilla, Mojito Mint, Holiday Spice, 


A major advancement in Bubble Machines!

This Bubble Machine is a revolutionary professional and durable machine that is capable of introducing enormous quantities of bubbles into the atmosphere.

It is also equipped with 2 fans at bottom that offer a variable speed and angle control which allows for greater flexibility in the bubble projection.

Totally enclosed system – NO MESS!


These amazing bubbles are filled with fog, and are great when popped.  Can also be scented.  State of the art machine!  Not a toy shop version as others use!

We use a SPECIFIC bubble and fog fluid made for this effect, the only company to do so in Australia.


These amazing bubbles glow in the dark (REQUIRE UV LIGHTING which we can provide).
Yes…we can scent our UV bubbles!