Wedding Cake Mapping is fast becoming the hottest new trend in Wedding Cakes. As the leaders in Wedding Pyrotechnics and Effects we now introduce Wedding Cake Mapping . Note that we do not outsource this service. As the people at Disney say “A wedding cake is probably the most significant confection you’ll ever eat (and buy)- so why not turn it into a living piece of art?”

There are a lot of elements that go into mapping a Cake due to the shape and number of tiers involved. Each tier can have as many as 8 surfaces to map, however most will mapped to just 2 sides. You then need to decide if each tier will have a different or the dame image playing. Will it be as complex as the Disney 3D cake with Tinker Bell and the Cinderella Carriage or a little less complex with just some great content and your names appearing on the Wedding Cake, or simpler yet, with just some great graphics.

We’ll create a unique and exciting animated sequence just for you, perhaps telling your own story or featuring some of the things that you love.

Share the love on your big day

A video mapping display makes for an incredible spectacle. Your wedding guests will love watching the show, filming and sharing it for posterity. Most people will never have seen anything like it before!

What content is suitable for wedding day projection mapping?

Firstly, it’s your story. If you have shared interests, boating or cycling, for example, then these can be incorporated into the animation. If you have treasured photos or video clips, these can be built into the script, too.

Add personalised touches. Perhaps hand-written notes or even video messages from absent friends, a clip of your loving pet dog, anything that speaks from the heart about who you are.

How does projection mapping work?

Without bogging you down in technical detail, we use discrete projectors and the finest graphics and software packages to create awesome sequences.

We’ll take care of everything for you, which means you can concentrate on enjoying your big day.


Cake Mapping prices can range from $750 to as much as $2900 for the Disney cake and other high end designs , with most priced at around $850. The cost of the cake is a separate pricing structure all together which you need to organise. We take over once you cake is in position at the venue. Most mapping projects take anywhere from 1 week or month to as much as 3 months to create. We can help you create the most amazing experience for your guest at your wedding celebration.

Below is the famous Disney Cake that started it all!