Cryro Effects use liquid Carbon Dioxide from our CO2 tanks. The highest quality USA made hoses are used to contact our effect devices to these tanks.

For  MAXIMUM impact our CRYO JETS, shooting near 8 metres of FOG!  Can also be coloured near the base with inbuilt high intensity LED lights.  Vertical and angled shots!  If your event/venue has a long entrance we can shoot straight down the floor as you walk in!  Talk about WOW!!!!!!


Our CO2 Guns are the NUMBER 1 choice for a mobile handheld co2 cannon that lets you create your own special effects. Simply put: This Co2 Cannon will Enhance your event 100%. USA manufacture and the barrel is custom manufactured from aerospace grade aluminium. Our Co2 Guns are, hands down, the best Co2 Cannon Gun on the market. Weddings….great for entrance! Product launches, sales events, store openings.

PREMIUM GOLD CO2 GUNS – Exclusive to Geelong Fireworks in Australia.

OUR Gold CO2 Cannon Gun is by far the most sought after Cryo Gun in the industry.

Currently in the hands of over 30 of the worlds top 100 DJs and having made appearances in Movies, Music Videos, Live Touring Performances, and Special Effects Worldwide, the GOLD Cryo Gun is a symbolic icon around the globe.