Celebrate your “I do’s” with a fireworks extravaganza! Geelong Fireworks is THE leader in wedding fireworks displays and can work with you or your wedding planner, to customize a wedding day fireworks show based on your wedding colors and theme.

From elegant streaming fireworks to the ones that go “BOOM !”, making your heart race with excitement, we can design a wedding fireworks show that will light up the sky. Simply contact us and let us know your budget and we will arrange a one-of-a-kind wedding day fireworks display, just for you. No wedding is complete without the thrill of fireworks!

Geelong Fireworks sees to every detail surrounding your wedding fireworks display, so that you don’t have to worry. Our wedding day fireworks display packages include:

Site Safety Inspection. Fireworks Permits. Coordination with , Council, Civil Aviation, WorkSafe, CFA/MMFB and all other authorities.

Liability Insurance, Professional Fireworks Crew.

Wedding Fireworks can fit comfortably into most wedding budgets and there is no greater way to end your wedding event than with a wedding firework display.

Wedding fireworks should certainly always be produced by a professional wedding fireworks company , Geelong Fireworks is the specialist in the wedding industry.

Needless to say many variables will influence the amount you pay for wedding fireworks including the length of the firework display, the materials used and the design or concept of your wedding fireworks. When considering the duration of your wedding fireworks take into account the impact you want to give to your guests.

Think about the theme of your wedding and don’t be reluctant to request for the wedding fireworks to be made around your wedding day. An outdoor wedding display should run around the 6 minute mark.. Wedding fireworks longer than 10 minutes will start to get a bit tedious except if you have a big spending budget and could lose most of its impact. When browsing on the internet for wedding fireworks be aware of the duration together with price because less reputable firms may give more time but fewer fireworks.

If you are having a white wedding why not ask for an almost all white, that is, silver firework finale. Wedding fireworks could be enhanced with music, therefore why not chose for the wedding fireworks to be designed to your most popular track? A s a professional wedding firework company we are happy to explore these arrangements with you but additional items could attract a higher price, so observe that budget!

Wedding Fireworks List: *Decide on Your Budget *Talk over with us your needs *Have a spectacular wedding firework display!



WOW…what a way to make an entrance!

Using our CO2 Blasters!

The Bride has our Blaster that connects to a CO2 on the ground.

The Groom, however, went for it with our COS BLASTER BACKPACK!

Talk to us about other options!