DANCING ON CLOUDS effect – as it should be done. With our Liquid Nitrogen System!  See our Wedding Page!

A RANGE OF FOG FLUIDS – we carry 9 different fog fluids that allow us to have quick dissipating fog – for fog jets, to fog that can linger outside for ages – halloween, movies etc.   Our PROFESSIONAL  fog fluids are biodegradable, non-toxic and environmentally safe.  Only Pharmaceutical  grade chemicals are used in these  fluids and the water is UV filtered and de-ionized for the highest quality.  

ENTRANCE FOG – using a very specific fog fluid, supplied by Hollywoods’ leading SFX company and colour tinted with our high intensity LED Lights.  Not only for weddings but ANY ENTRANCE from a birthday to CEO!

FOG CHILLER system. We  create LOW LEVEL fog in amazing quantities and duration…this uses are condenser chiller to chill the special fog fluid to create low foag.   No 1 Choice to fill entire reception areas for any event.

SUPER FOG using one of the most powerful systems available.

ULTASONIC FOG SYSTEM  For when you need fog for a long time…entrance into a venue for Winter in July Events, Corporate.  This fog is a continuous low fog. We import a very specific fog fluid that is designed to latch onto the water molecules generated by our UFS. This helps to create a perfectly consistent low-lying fog.  This fog can drift up slightly, and we do not recommend for bridal dances etc.  It is a LOW FOG effect.

LASER SWAMP FOG  We can turn any dark room into a LASER SWAMP using sophisticated laser and haze systems.

Coming Soon:

Our miniature fog devices.

We can fog the surround of your wedding cake!  Product Table, Rocket Thrusters!  Also with high intensity LED’s.   Add to cosplay outfits.  Need a rocket lifting off in your theatre production…ideal. Remote Controlled.  Need a device that fits in your pocket and has an easy to find LARGE BUTTON to press to generate fog….run tubing behind your neck for steam from ears.