Foam parties have been around for many years….now you have a COLOUR FOAM GENDER REVEAL PARY!  With our pink or blue colour foam (or green  or orange if your really want!)

Our system can be tailored from a large area to a back yard.

We come to your home/venue and set up our state-of-the art Foam Machine…no more giant machines on wheels are required.

We just need access to a 240 V power point….within 10 meters of where you want the foam!  We bring our own Test and Tagged Power cords etc.

Plus we need access to your back/front yard WATER TAP – wherever you are doing the reveal.

When you are ready you can stand in front of our Foam Maker and let the foam build up around you……or we can cover you in Foam!

Our foam….

  • Board certified dermatologist approved 100% organic.
  • No odour at all
  • Slippery as regular water
  • Harmful as regular water
  • Phosphate Free
  • No animal ingredients.

DO YOU NEED A FOAM PIT and What about the foam and my lawn.

No you don’t….You pay hundreds of dollars more for the pit…transport to your venue, set up, clean up of the pit etc etc.  And most pits have no base…they just sit on the grass!

Even a foam pit with a base has to be emptied ON SITE…so all the foam etc, goes….on the grass!

We pump the foam onto the grass…where it will end up anyway even with a foam pit…without the extra cost.

If you wish you can put down a tarp etc… but they can be slippery!

Does the foam kill the lawn?  No it does not…but lots of tiny (or large) feet, plus foam/water = muddy lawn.

Our Foam Solution is safe for 99% of people, having water to rinse down is recommended (but not supplied by us).

Can the COLOUR STAIN  – in rare circumstances in can, but will wash off with shampoo/water.  It can colour concrete and other porous surfaces, but a pressure washer will remove it…we suggest GRASS as your surface.

Our Colour Additives:

These  non – toxic colour additives mix with foam solution before going through the foam machine. It’s a liquid mix so it falls off of the bubbles. It comes out of the machine in the colour you add and then goes away quickly.

Of course Pink and Blue are the most common colours…but if you want to be different….