Check out our new effects!    All of these are available NOW!   Contact us to find out more.

New range of fireworks, special effects..some for daylight as well.

                                          Crazy Jet                                                                                         Spinning Jet                                                                      Multiple Crazy Jets

Need something different to your usual “explosion”….add COLOUR!


This is also extremely useful for emergency service training to simulate unknown, toxic  products.


Contact us about this service, or even add to your daytime event.

DANCING PYRO!  20 silver fountains for around 1 minute.   For outdoor we can offer these in colour as well.  GHOST FLAMES….totally unique. A fantastic addition to your firework display or even on departure etc.  Stunning!

                     Small Fire Ball                                                 Medium Fire Ball                                                 Large Fire Ball                                                    Colour Fire Ball

Uranin Green Additive

ULTRA GREEN liquids, semi solids for Emergency Service training, films, movies. Totally non hazardous.   Also glows under blacklight.

You can buy the powder here

Need  to add a bit of gore to your next film, Emergency Service drill…contact us for the PIPE SFX

Coming Soon: FIRE GEL – a clear adhesive fire gel.  NO WHITE RESIDUE like other gels.

“Draw” with fire gel on a nonflammable surface, use in bowls on stage, movies.