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We get many enquiries for bottle fountains/ice fountains which are small firework which are attached to champagne bottles and give a spray of sparks.

In some states they are legal, in others, like Victoria, they are not….and you need to pay a pyrotechnician to light them. Check out our ELECTRONIC VERSIONS and some other items FOR YOUR PARTY!


    All items are plastic. Champagne Glass :  220ml capacity. Black Base. Replaceable button batteries. On/off switch on bottom of cup. Static and flashing modes. Singles $7.50,  10 - $65.00,  20 - $110.00 Martini Glass Black base and stem : 250ml capacity.  Replaceable button batteries.  Static and flashing modes. Glass can be removed for cleaning.Singles $7.50,  10 - $65,  20 - $110.00 Martini Glass Clear base and stem : 250ml capacity.  Base and stem light up. Replaceable button batteries.  Static and flashing modes. Glass can be removed for cleaning    Singles $7.50,  10 - $65.00,  20 - $110.00 Bottle Sticker: Pressure Sensitive...sticks to the base of the bottle, so can be carried around if required.  Slow flash, fast flash, still. Replaceable button batteries. Singles $5.00, 10 - $43.00,  20- $70.00 Ice Cube:  Switch is liquid sensitive.  2.6 cm square.  Multi colour flashing mode.   Non Changeable battery.  120 hrs non stop.  Stops flashing when removed from liquid. Singles $4.00, 10 - $35.00, 20 - $60.00 Coaster:  Pressure activated when clear glass / bottle is put on it.  Multi colour flashing mode. Requires 3 x AAA batteries. Singles $4.00, 10 - $35.00, 20 - $60.00
  • These slip over the top of the bottle....even a champagne bottle with the cork! On/Off Switch on the top of sparkler, LED Lights/Flashing Modes (White LED), Chargeable Batteries, Charger Included,  Metal Material Size: 24cm Length, 4.2cm Diameter, Body Colour: Silver/Gold Metal, Flash Mode: Solid/Steady/Fast