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  • These original 1916 brochures were purchased from a collector in New England after attending a New England Magic Collector’s gathering in the late 80s. The brochure reproduces some of the well known and highly collectable Karmi lithographed posters.  $55.00
  • Now there is a book that covers just about everything there is to know about performing magic effects using chemicals. Using easy to find and use chemicals, many unusual and entertaining effects are possible: water to wine, water to beer, solid to liquid, luminous ink, coloured fire, fire eating and much more!  This is an old book and caution should be taken before undertaking anything in this book.

    For Information Purposes Only. Originally published 1930.

     164 pages filled with great magic that is easy to perform with great audience reaction!

  • This rare booklet contains the routines and handling of Kazan. Also included are diagrams on how to construct a variety of performance props. Some of the topics included are: The Construction of the Fire-Eaters Torch, Eating Fire from the Hand, Burning the Tongue Alive, The Giant Blow-Out, The Mysterious Gas Jet, A Simple Fire Wheel, Multiplying Candles, The Fire Bowl, Lighted Candle from Pocket, The Fire Walk, A Complete Fire Act plus much more!! $40.00  
  • Spring Flowers Book



    A garden of mystery blooms in every chapter of this valuable book. Every magic shop in the world carries the little pocket of paper and springs that quickly become a beautiful bouquet. This book gives you many ideas for new spring flower effects to add that exciting display of colour to your act.  31 PAGES  Published 1991

    Book Only  $8,95     Book and 1 x No.18 Tissue Spring Flower $20.00

    Within its pages you will find knowledge on how to perform quality routines and performances using Spring Flowers.

    The Basics…

    Care & Storage

    The Classic Tricks…

    Flowers from a Cone, Gloves to Bouquet, Blooming News  

    Newer Ideas…

    Thin Air Production, Florist Magic, Bouquet in a Bag, Wrong Card!, Card in Hank, Four of Daisies, Snapping a Knot,  Pretty Card Trick, Flowering Paper Tree, On the Beat, 3-D Flowers, A Centrepiece,A Second Load Garden Production, Name a Flower, Flash Appearance

  • By Stuart Robson and Ralph W. Read. The unexpected flash of flame, nomatter how it is used, adds a dramatic touch or "punch" to any trick or gag. In this revised book you have 56 pages of flash paper tips. Originally published in 1937!
  • A magician may do 15 tricks in his or her act. Maybe a dove or rabbit will vanish, or maybe a cut rope will become whole again. But when the show is over, people will always ask, "How did you make that flash of fire come from your fingers?" This book tells how, plus many other effects with Flash Paper.
  • Written in 1983, but still the definitive primer on fire effects. 10 Chapters, 127 pages, illustrated.
  • The use of a 'Flash product' is the perfect way to enhance a magic trick. Yet, there is very little written or recorded about how, when and where to use these products. On this DVD, Scott Penrose* gives an in depth teaching on everything you'll need to know - including how to store, how to handle, how to use and even how to tell the quality of products available. There's performance and explanation with many uses for both close up and stage magic.

    There are many effects shown and taught in this lecture by Scott, but most importantly - he shows you how to add some sparkle and surprise into the magic effects you already perform!  Silk Production, Cane to Silks, Cut & Restored Rope, Clipped & Restored Note, Goldfish Production, Banknote in Watch, Vanishing Cane various methods, Vanishing Candle, Gypsy Thread

    These are all great professional effects, but with the added touch of some flash products - Scott turns them into powerful and stunning magic tricks!   *Scott Penrose is a professional magician from the London area of England - He's a council member of 'The Magic Circle' and magic adviser to many of the top west end theatre shows. Flash Paper NOT included.   Running Time: Approximately 1hr 40mins

  • Midnight Syndicate's critically-acclaimed, award-winning follow-up to The 13th Hour. Showcasing their haunting signature style with an even bigger sound, Cemetery Gates features music inspired by the vampire, zombie, Egyptian and supernatural themes from The Dead Matter movie. Length: 58 minutes.
  • A special collection of music and sound effects from all of the Midnight Syndicate discs. Specifically mixed for Halloween parties, trick-or-treating, and yard haunts, this disc is a must have for any Halloween aficionado. Length: 65 minutes.
  • Venturing from the most well-known pyrotechnic centres, to remote enclaves where the cultural traditions of unique fireworks have lasted generations, the highly anticipated Passfire is the world's definitive documentary on fireworks. Travel to twenty-three countries on six continents to experience the planet's most amazing fireworks and celebrate with the people who make them. Learn why we love fireworks, and how the world is connected by their light, colour and sound. Follow the passion for fireworks as it's passed from culture to culture, country to country, and generation to generation. SPECIAL EDITION DIRECTOR'S CUT!
  • For ALL SKILL LEVELS! Here are just a FEW of the mind-blowing tricks Jay reveals on his 'SPONTANEOUS COMBUSTION' project... 'THE PHOENIX EFFECT' - A spectator's own initials vanish in a burst of fire and reappear on the back of a thought of card! Magic + mentalism + fire = COMPLETE INSANITY    'WHOLEHEARTED' - The PERFECT effect to perform for women! You tear a paper heart in half, vanish one half in flash of fire and then have the heart appear, completely restored IN THE SPECTATOR'S HAND   ! 'FIREFLY' - A CRAZY VISUAL two coin transposition with a borrowed and marked coin! 'MELTDOWN' - A piece of tissue paper initialed by the spectator visibly melts down through the top of a coffee cup! Easy to do too!    'SIGNED, SINGED & DELIVERED' - A true "Sankey classic." Two initialed pieces of paper change places under the fairest possible conditions! And when we say you 'end clean,' we mean SQUEEKY CLEAN! Featuring an inspired structure and stunning visuals! '   Plus MANY MORE! Fire is REAL MAGIC. Add the magic of FIRE to your performances today! NOTE: FLASH PAPER NOT INCLUDED.