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We offer a range of products for your Gender Reveal.

Please note: COLOUR POWDER and COLOUR SMOKE are TWO different products.

Colour Powder is fired from a Confetti Cannon tube–it is the same powder used in fun runs etc.  It can be purchased as all Colour Powder or mixed with Metallic (Mylar) Confetti Strips. This is the above video.

We do not do a Envirofetti/Colour Powder mix.  The Envirofetti is a thin rice paper, which when coated with the colour powder looses its’ shine.   Also as the colour powder has a moisture content, it can effect the Envirofetti.   The way around it is to get one of each.

Colour Smoke is a Smoke Emitter that you light, that produces coloured SMOKE.  CLICK HERE for Gender Reveal SMOKE