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We offer a range of products for your Gender Reveal.

Please note: COLOUR POWDER and COLOUR SMOKE are TWO different products.  Some companies call their Colour Powder Cannons, Colour Smoke which is incorrect.

Colour Powder is fired from a Confetti Cannon tube–it is the same powder used in fun runs etc.  It can be purchased as all Colour Powder or mixed with Metallic (Mylar) Confetti Strips.

Colour Smoke is a Smoke Emitter that you light, that produces coloured SMOKE.  CLICK HERE for Gender Reveal SMOKE

We do not do a Envirofetti/Colour Powder mix.  The Envirofetti is a thin rice paper, which when coated with the colour powder looses its’ shine.   Also as the colour powder has a moisture content, it can effect the Envirofetti.