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FOR THE ITEMS BELOW, like any other providers of tricks/props in the world, there are no refunds.  Please be careful in choosing your item, as the value of any magic effects lies within it’s working and secret.   We will replace faulty merchandise (as long as product has not been tampered with or abused)  with the same product but we cannot offer cash or credit refunds .All units have a 6 month limited warranty, excluding elements.

  • Here's what Mr Timothy Walker has to say about the "One Nut Wonder"

    "Holy schnikies!!! I don’t care how it’s done, that is frickin’ cool! The other effects always LOOKED gimmicky to me, and you can’t pass ‘em out. You did NO switches, NO weird hand movements, NOTHIN’!!! Like I say, I don’t care how it’s done, IT. IS. COOL! "

    +EASY TO DO+




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  • Dragon’s Breath

    DRAGON"S BREATH POWDER .   You can make a 1 meter flame shoot from you fingertips.  As used by Hollywood and pro magicians.  Can be used close-up or on stage.  We supply enough powder to be used many times.  You need a flame to set it off…match, candle etc.  This is a real flame  - BURNS HOT...handle with caution!   30ml squirt  bottle. For larger quantities check out  Lycopodium Powder HERE
    SPARKLING DRAGON'S BREATH  Only from Geelong Fireworks.  FLAME plus an enormous amount of sparks!!  30ml squirt bottle     For the professional only!
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    HOW ??

      This effect was made for the spectator so that they can get as close as the can.  Just pull HOW from your pocket and you are ready to perform.  Available in Lipbalm or Marker version.   Encourage your spectators to examine them, let them place HOW on end. Can be examined before, during or after performance.  No resets, do over and over.  No thread, no wire, no thumb tips.  Lip balm $21.00 Marker $24.00
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  • A hard straight steel nail and rubber tube are displayed. The nail is placed in the tube and slowly begins to bend.

    The nail and tube are then straightened out. No switches! No sleight of hand! Almost no practice required.

    The gimmick is undetectable! A superior trick that even fools magicians!  $49.95

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    Rare Earth PK Ring, 20mm internal diameter.   Only size available.  $20.00 Silver or Gold.
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  • Thrill and amaze your friends at parties and gatherings!

    Coin, motor and replicated 1958 instruction booklet and 12V A23 battery.

    For entertainment purposes only.

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  • Perform this one for your best table...(the one that keeps throwing money at you).

    At  the close of your performance just toss it onto the table. instantly it transforms into a beautiful arrangement of spring flowers. With this finale you will be leaving them with some colour.

    The deck is a regular poker sized bicycle brand deck. reinforced with high gauge aluminium so that box looks flat at all edges. Instant release. Looks  like an ordinary pack of cards, complete with Spring Flower.  So simple to use.  

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    Plan 9

    $77.00 $38.50
    + EASY TO DO +  A GREAT EFFECT. Watch the spaceship float (around 100mm!)   Silver or Gold colour
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    What Knot

    $25.00 $12.50

    Simple to do.  Easy and Effective

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    Test Tube Zombie

    $30.00 $15.00
    The zombie was placed in the test tube to keep him from eating brains.  This seemed like the thing to do. But you cannot keep a hungry zombie caged for very long…the zombie escapes to reap havoc searching for more brains to eat.  Resets instantly, repeatable, everything can be examined, easy to do.   Zombie is approximately 55 mm tall and the tube approximately 80mm long.   Complete with instructional video.
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  • You can write what you want on the "blank" card or get business card stickers printed and stick on the card. VERY easy to do.
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  • Huhh

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    Sharp Key Twister

    $54.00 $25.00
    EASY TO DO!  This is a fully functional marker.  Carry this Sharpie marker in your pocket and be ready to twist a key in a moments notice, any time, anywhere.   Get the spectator to sign a key.  Twist in a second. No switches, nothing added, nothing taken away. Do it right in front of their noses and  they will have no idea how it happened. And yes, the ink is refillable. Includes instructional CD. We will even throw in a key!
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  •   This is amazing! NO need to know how to "manipulate" cards. You can keep the music box in its case or take it out, so that it is more examinable. (Props - candle and cards not included)
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  • Hot Dog

    Each item is hand made and hand painted in the US.  Only the finest natural latex rubber compounds and rubber paints. Properly cared for our rubber production goods will last many years. Each item is hollow and will compress down to about 15% of it's full size. When produced, they will "pop" into full size. They are ideal for production from props (square circle, mirror box, etc) or loading onto a spectator. Our rubber production goods are perfect for Magicians, Clowns and Emcees as well as "staging" props for photo shoots. Rubber Production Goods were very popular in the 50's, 60's and 70's and they're making a comeback!  Comes with "The Care of Rubber Production Goods". Approximately 150mm long  and almost 65 mm  high.Hilarious when pulled from a spectator's hat or coat! Almost mouth watering.   $55.00
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