Sparklers make a wonderful accessory in weddings and parties.  Sparklers are finding their way more and more into other types of celebrations.  With their scintillating show of sparks, the humble sparkler is now being used to spice up the festivities at parties and weddings across the country.

At some weddings they are held by guests to form either a passageway or a sparkling tunnel for the married couple to pass through. They can be stuck into the ground to make a sparkling light-show effect at a reception.

Our sparklers are made from a length of mild steel wire, the wire core is dipped one or more times in a thick slurry of pyrotechnic composition that, when dry, coats the wire for approximately 2/3 of its length.  Good quality, well-made sparklers should have their composition applied in a smooth, even coat without cracks or excessive bumpiness.

The wire and the composition should exhibit no signs of rust as the presence of rust indicates sparklers that have been subjected to high moisture conditions.  Rusty sparklers will burn only with difficulty, if at all, and should not be used.  Sparklers are for outdoor use only and CANNOT be carried with you or put in your luggage on ANY aeroplane.


As with anything involving high temperatures, proper supervision of young children and adherence to correct lighting and handling methods is necessary in order to avoid careless accidents.

In order to avoid sparkler surprises on the day of your wedding or party, always test out your chosen sparkler a few weeks beforehand.  Try some of the different lighting methods and decide which one will work the best for the event.  If children will be present, decide how the sparklers will be handed out so that there will not be any possibility of unsupervised use of the items.

  • These ones are 90cm long, and burn for approximately 4 minutes. Extra sparklers will keep if kept dry…use the left-overs for parties, NYE etc. Sparklers are ONLY SOLD in the pack quantities available.    
  • These ones are 70cm long, and burn for approximately 2.5 minutes. Extra sparklers will keep if kept dry…use the left-overs for parties, NYE etc. Sparklers are ONLY SOLD in the pack quantities available. ++++ VERY LIMITED STOCK!!! NO UPDATE AS YET ON NEW STOCK ARRIVAL ++++
  • Neon Colour Sparklers

    These sparklers are approximately 40cm long.  Intense colour!
    Each pack of our amazing NEON COLOUR SPARKLERS contains 1 red, 1 blue, 1 green, 1 yellow, 1 orange. MIXED PACKS ONLY. We are unable to supply in single colours. Video does not do justice to the colours. One Minute burn time. They are only s0ld in the pack sizes stated. Because of the special colours these produce,these sparklers are not smokeless.
  • Heart Sparklers


    Sparklers are just over 10 cm at their widest point.

    60 second burn time.

    Ignite at the top or bottom of the heart. They are only sold in the pack sizes listed.
  • Galvanised metal bucket 30cm high, 11 cm at base, 15cm at top. Sparkler buckets hold up to 100 sparklers and are great to put outside the venue doors so your guests know where to collect their sparklers for your departure. More importantly they know where to return the hot sparklers after use, and not leave them lying around !!  For extra stability put a little clean sand in the bottom of the bucket. After using for sparklers...stick a plant in them!