A Spectacular illusion! Two clear solutions. Apply solution A to a person’s anatomy beforehand. Solution B is applied to the weapon being used .Touch the weapon to the anatomy and the result is a spectacular streak of blood.  Example:  Solution 1 across the wrist.Solution A on the back of a knife blade.Draw the blade across the wrist and watch the unknowing audience gasp.  For more blood glue a strip of thin sponge to once side of the blade and pour Solution B on it.  Washes off with water.  WILL STAIN WARDROBE

Another popular effect is to prepare the bare back of a person with Solution A, Solution B is placed on a rope or whip.  This results in streaks of blood when the person is “whipped”.  Part A is toxic if taken internally. STRICTLY for professional use. Not for children. 60 ml  (30ml Part A, 30 ml Part B) $15.00