Due to recent federal legislation in the USA where these kits are made they are no longer able to sell or ship these products including the filters and other accessories.  They are researching their ability to returning these props to the market for the acting professionals that require them.  In addition to the federal law essentially banning devices of this type, the US Post Office, FedEx and UPS have all joined in their “no shipping” policy.   Should you proceed to purchase, please understand once our stock of these and accessories is depleted we are UNABLE to supply until/if this situation is rectified.

Finally an electronic prop cigar! This electronic prop will give you up to 1800 puffs of non-nicotine, non-tobacco simulated smoke. Perfect for theatre, television and motion picture use. This is a disposable system that requires no charger, no additional filters or accessories. It’s always ready to go. Simply place the end in your mouth and draw in a mouthful of vapour and blow out for a convincing cigar effect. It is not necessary to draw the vapour into your lungs. 

As in our Actor Cigarette, this prop contains no nicotine, no open flame and no tobacco. The perfect prop when an actor must portray smoking a cigar, but with out all the problems associated with the real thing.

Simulated ash tip and simulated tobacco leaf rolled design.

No additional parts, chargers or refills necessary. Good for up to 1800 puffs, (your actual amount may vary) Tip GLOWS RED when you inhale. 

Size: Approx 160 mm x 20mm  35 grams.