We carry a limited stock of these items:

BEER SAPORO TYPE Brown or Green Glass  $40   SMALL COKE $40   WINE Clear Glass  $50   WILD TURKEY $50    CHAMPAGNE $ 55  PINT GLASS $40  LONG NECK (VB TYPE) BROWN $50   CIDER GREEN “Strongbow” Style 375ml $40  VODKA $55  FROSTED VASE   250mm high  $50   SPIRITS DECANTER with Stopper Square, cut glass 190mm high $65    LABWARE 2LT FLASK $60   LABWARE 500ML BEAKER $45   LP RECORD $60

Items listed in our catalogue have a lead time of around 7 – 10 days before shipping.

Breakaway Full Catalogue

Products can also be made from originals. All glass in clear, brown or green. Other colours as required.

Breakaway Information Sheet

Important note: There is currently no package service that guarantees breakage-free delivery for crash glass. We always pack crash glass items with the greatest care, but we cannot guarantee transport either.  Therefore we are unable to refund or replace broken bottles. We have had an excellent record with the courier  we use for shipping Breakaways.  Order extra for your event.  Crash glass is a non-toxic product. But it is definitely not a toy and is not suitable for consumption. Only water-based liquids should be filled. Liquids that contain alcohols or solvents can attack the structure of the crash glass. 

Prices are for product only.  Due to packaging requirements for Breakaways, please contact us for shipping costs.  Let us know products, quantity and delivery suburb and postcode.  EMAIL US HERE