Colour Smokes are classified as non-dangerous goods, no permits or licences are needed to purchase or use them.  However they have been developed for use by photographers, SFX technicians etc. USE RESPONSIBLY. A detailed instruction sheet is included with each order.

These smoke emitters burn slowly, emitting plumes of smoke. They contain the only composition for producing safe, non-toxic coloured smoke.  The smoke poses no known health or safety hazards when used responsibly.  Shelf life is 3 years, however our stock is turned over several times a year.   Ignite with butane lighter, use in smoke cup etc.  

Use caution as smoke emitters burn hot and colors WILL stain objects that are directly next to the smoke stream.   In general, if you are at least 30-40 cm from the smoke cartridge staining should not occur.  We have sold these for many years to photographers, top fashion magazine shoots etc, all without incident.  Use common sense!

Use WHITE if staining is a concern. Must be used on a non-flammable surface such as aluminium pie trays etc.  Our colour smokes are compatible with each others, so you can burn the smokes side by side (in a trail) having a color change effect or mix them together to create your own custom colour.

Dark Grey is best for burning buildings for film/sfx work.  All smokes can be crushed and used in smoke cups etc.   We suggest you light with a small propane jet lighter.

COLOUR SMOKE EMITTERS ARE HOT WHEN BURNING.  IF BEING HELD IN HAND…PLEASE…TAKE CARE!!. We have re-useable Smoke Cartridge Holders available, these are great for photographers, SFX etc where you will use colour smoke on a regular basis.  These have a wood handle and coloured discs. ..these are NOT suitable for 45 second smoke. Colours listed are the ONLY colours available.


45 SECOND WHITE OR ORANGE Small volume smoke, great for indoor use in SFX,  props etc. Size: 20mm plus 15mm base (total 35mm) x 14mm OD.  Cannot be used with the smoke cartridge holder. If using in our Smoke Cup, just crush a small amount.    (4 cubic metres)  $6.95 each

90 SECOND WHITE OR ORANGE 90 seconds WHITE OR ORANGE SMOKE (17 cubic metres)  size: 32mm x18mm OD  $8.75 each

3 MINUTE WHITE OR COLOURED – RED (also used as PINK), ORANGE, YELLOW, BLUE, GREEN, WHITE, DARK GREY. These  3 and 4 minute colour smokes are THE PRODUCT for photographers…fantastic for wedding and fashion shoots.  Great for advertising shoots, SFX, Fire drills etc.   Some people prefer the dark grey as a blue smoke (see video ABOVE)   Also used for model aircraft smoke.   Size: 62mm x 18mm OD  35 Cubic metres of smoke.   Dark grey is sometimes referred to as BLACK, but in reality it is more dark grey. $16.50 each

PLEASE NOTE:  BLUE SMOKE can throw to a bluish/purple colour as the smoke dissipates. 


4 MINUTE WHITE OR COLOURED SMOKE – Same colours as 3 minute, 70 cubic metres of smoke. 62 x 30 mm tube.  $26.50 each
90 SECOND OR 3 MINUTE PERFUMED SMOKE  For leak testing, adds another dimension – smell, as well as sight.  Please note the smell is more of an industrial perfume used to detect leaks along with visual smoke.  90 second, or 3 minute.  90 sec. $8.75  3 min $16.50
90 SECOND CLEAN SMOKE A test smoke so clean from chlorides it is  suitable to test in server rooms and other sensitive areas. Ideal for the air balancing industry, HVAC professionals etc.  The smoke particulate is of a dry and solid nature and will not leave behind any oils or messy residue on sensitive areas.  The  smoke is white to light grey and is reflective and easily observed and photographed.  Size: 32mm x18mm OD  $11.55
SMOKE CARTRIDGE HOLDER  Holder for our  90 second, 3 minute and 4 minute colour smoke cartridges.  Solid disc deflects smoke from your hand. (not suitable for 45 sec smoke)  You can hold smoke for full burn time.  Re-useable.    Available with a CLEAR, WHITE or BLACK disc. $12.00 each.








LARGEST smoke available……400 cubic metres, 6 minutes duration! Used for pipe leak/tunnel testing. Movies/SFX.  YOU MUST advise us of your intended use in the comments section at checkout. Video has been edited.    $175.00

If you need to light our colour smokes electronically….check out our Smoke Emitter Ignition Kit