Make any face mask adjustable.

We all have different size heads and need different size masks. Ear savers add extra comfort to your mask by protecting your ears and making any mask adjustment so you can size it for your head.

Add comfort to any mask and make one-size-fits-all masks adjustable so they snugly fit your head.

Each ear saver features 4 separate size slots, allowing you to adjust any mask to fit.

100 mm long, 3mm thick acrylic ear savers

– Sanitise before use
– Reusable: Clean & disinfect after each use
– Bends slightly: Will break if excessive force applied
– Easy cleaning: Apply disinfectant or soap/water
– Robust: Softening temp begins at 102 degrees

Legal Disclaimer: Items sold on  are not medical grade.  Geelong Fireworks does not make any medical or health claims.  Due to the specialty nature of this product, all sales are final. All ‘ear savers’ provided on or through (“Ear Savers”) are provided “AS IS” and “AS AVAILABLE”, without warranty of any kind. You understand that the Ear Savers have NOT been cleared, approved, or certified by any regulatory agency and therefore may not provide the same level of protection as certified medical equipment.