Flash Wine Corks….Great for bars / events.  Add that FLASH to service.  Pack of 10  $17.00

Flash Doves … great for real or fake dove acts.  Origami routines.  Approximately 10 x 6 cm. Pack of 10  $15.00

Flash Rose  Ideal for Rose routine.  Pack of 4 sheets. Folding instructions included. $17.95

Flash Feathers  A must for the dove or novelty magician. Pack of 10. $15.00

Flash Envelopes. As its name implies, it consists of envelopes made out of flash paper. They are made so you can fit a regular poker sized card in it. It is perfect to add some punch to your revelations or for any mentalism act wishing to add a little bit of wow factor.    Each pack contains 6 hand-made envelopes. $11.50