This confetti is made from rice paper and food colouring. Envirofetti, upon contact with water, shrivels up and slowly melts away in a few days.  Product is super thin giving the longest hang time, with a soft transparent appearance.  It is perfect for environmentally sensitive outdoor venues when clean up is either impossible or very expensive. Outdoor weddings, grassy areas, sandy beaches and most outdoor events. This product is not flame proof.  Do not use indoors.  Moisture, eg, spilt drinks, can make the confetti difficult to remove.  50mm x 20mm pieces.

Avoid cement paths and smooth surfaces as product becomes slippery as it dissolves.  Any discoloration cleans up with soap and water. For areas of concern, use WHITE Envirofetti.

Our bags have been specifically designed to provide an eco- friendly packaging solution for our Envirofetti. They  are made of brown recycled paper and have a corn-based, 100% natural biofilm that is a renewable resource, and most importantly, they are compostable.   Please be sure to remove the Tin-Tie to ensure they are fully compostable. 

For every invoice issued (not just for EnviroFetti) we plant a tree in partnership with CARBON NEUTRAL

Available in 250 gram  single colours so you can mix and match, and also in Multi Colour.  $12.50 per bag

Please note..if you are after PINK…use the RED…as it is transparent it looks fine!  IF after RED ..use RED!