Have you always wanted a fire book but thought they looked really fake and way too hokey? Have you ever wanted to open up a real book and have the flames come blazing out! Then slam the book shut and immediately open the book to show the pages unharmed! Now you can, this gimmick is the only one like it on the market. Transform any book you want into a blazing fire book, also known as a hot book.

Transform all your books into Fire Books: Bibles, School Books, Text Books, Harry Potter Books, Spell Books,  Menus, Day Planners, etc…

Just flip thru the pages of your favourite book and any time you desire during your show, open the book and watch it burst into flames! Slam the book shut and immediately flip thru the pages of the book, showing the book completely unharmed! WOW!!!   $29.00 Please note: requires a disposable lighter.