Every time after watching Harry Potter, do you want to have a wand that can perform magic to your heart’s content?  Today, you don’t have to be disappointed anymore, because INCENDIO [Fire-breathing wand is here.

As long as you recite the fire-breathing spell INCENDIO (flaming fire), it can immediately summon a fireball, let the fireball fly in the air, and draw a brilliant flame. 

It can make your magic more magical and make it easier for the audience to integrate into the magic atmosphere you create , Its fire-breathing function will surprise the audience, whether as an opening effect or an ending effect, it is a good choice. This wand is a good weight and USB chargeable for the electronic ignition.   $199.00  (little “creature” NOT included)

You will need either (or both) Flash Cotton for a fire ball effect or Flash Paper which you can buy here

Due to the current situation of a video in circulation using this item irresponsibly we need to ensure you are a genuine performer, theatre company and ask that you email us the following information:

i) Your performance name, facebook/instagram links showing you at work and a WEB PAGE.

ii) An ABN in your name/business identifying you as a performer etc.  An ABN for a fruit shop etc is NOT acceptable.

We have a duty of care both to the public and our company to restrict sales for genuine purposes.  We currently have 2 in stock