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Standard Flash Cotton in White  5 gram pack  $ 8.75    Fastest flash cotton in the world.  

Flash Cotton RED  Flash Cotton GREEN, Flash Cotton BLACK  (great for not showing cotton in flash devices, on props etc.…also use with black flash paper.) FLAME is standard flash cotton colour. 5 gm $8.75

Red Flame Flash Cotton.  White Cotton Produces a red flash! 5 gm $9.80

SPARKLE FLASH COTTON has been discontinued by the manufacturer.

Here is how to make your own!    Get a zip lock bag and put a pinch or 3 of flash cotton into the bag….fluff it up.   Add a capful of SPARKLE ADDITIVE and shake the bag.  The Sparkle Additive will cling to the cotton. NOT all of it will, just leave the excess sparkler additive in the bag.  You can also mix sparkle additive with red flame flash cotton.