ATMOSPHERE AEROSOL is great for both still and video.  It is also used in the production of HAIRSPRAY the Musical.  Use can as is or make up a fake hair spray label.

NO SMELL, NON TOXIC. Made from food grade vegetable oil and is non-staining and odourless. Easy fog/haze effects.

If sprayed continuously one can will spray for 5 1/2 minutes! A spray of 10-15 seconds is more than enough for a single shot.

It will not set off a smoke alarm unless sprayed directly onto  the alarm or is highly concentrated near one…in that case you are using TOO MUCH!  Atmosphere Aerosol – Fits into a camera bag, light weight, safe, non-toxic, clear spray that does not stain gowns, suits and garments.  Improves the look, feel and overall creativity of your photos and films.

 FANTASY FX  Vertical Fog  5 continuous minutes of vertical fog.  Vertical Lock spray.  Can be locked for continuous fog (and unlocked of course!)  Great for theatre..smoke from trains, chairs, Wizard of Oz etc.


Attaches to the Atmosphere Aerosol  can for a convenient way to spray fog/haze for photo shoots etc.