We have a fantastic range of products for Halloween::::

Our 30cm CONFETTI CANNONS with ORANGE/BLACK Mylar Confetti $17.50 each

FACE PAINT HALLOWEEN KIT  This one-stop kit contains everything you need to create a wild range of creepy, scary and gory designs like a pro! Contains:  5 x Liquid Face Paints (White, Green, Black, Red, Glow in the Dark) plus 45ml jar of Fake Blood.  Global Colours’ liquid face and body paint is brightly pigmented, quick-drying and gentle on skin. Ideal for makeup artists, face/body painters, sports supporters, children’s parties, festivals and fairs, it has a smooth ‘soft paste’ texture which dries with a soft, velvety non-smudge finish. Containing only approved cosmetic ingredients that comply with all worldwide safety regulations, including FDA, EU and Australian standards, this water-based face and body paint is:  – Vegan  – Not tested on animals  – Hypoallergenic  – Non-staining  – Non-toxic and safe for kids $19.00 kit

3 Minute ORANGE SMOKE Cartridge $16.50 each

WATER BEADS Contains 1 pack of orange and 1 pack of black.  These make 1 1/2 lts IN TOTAL of Water Beads (approx  10 mm in diameter) $5.95

GLOW IN THE DARK PAINT  This Glow in the Dark face and body paint glows a vibrant green in the dark, without the need for UV blacklight. Lots of fun for glow events, slumber parties and festivals. Simply charge the paint under a light source for 60 seconds, then move into a dark space and watch it glow!  45ml $6.95

BLOOD MASK, Fabric. $5.95

KIT Contains 2 cannons, 2 Orange Smoke Cartridges, 1 pack of Beads (1 orange, 1 black), Blood Mask, and Face Paint Kit.  $85.00  (save $14.90!)