This table is perfect for your indoor haunt or spook show. You have full control at all times. 

The table will move objects that you place on table in an eerily manner and even knock them off the table if you wish. Glides eerily across smooth surfaced floors.(linoleum, wooden flooring, smooth cement floors, etc) Turn on and off using a keychain remote control 10-15 metres away.   The spirits will show their presence at your next seance. Also great for the mentalist, psychic phenomenon effect. Spectators can place their hands on table to summon the dead and feel the spirits as well as see them. Your spectators can look the table over and never see the mechanism.

The table is 300mm  x 400mm x 875 mm and comes apart to pack flat. Built of quality wood…no cheap substitutes…not flimsy. ITEMS SHOWN ON TOP OF THE HAUNTED TABLE IN DEMO ARE NOT INCLUDED.