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The POWERplus Igniter is a new state-of-the art igniter for popping balloons and lighting flash cotton/paper

Requires 9v power – 9v Duracell or similar battery.   SIMPLY tape to a balloon (at the widest part).  Then touch the wires to a battery and BAM!   50cm wires.  If you need to extend the wires, use similar wire to that on the igniter.

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Required for use with the  Universal Flash Kit Mini Flash Pot.  These are SINGLE USE ONLY. When electricity from a standard battery (approx 3-9 volts) is applied to the igniter leads the igniter’s nichrome wire will become immediately hot enough to ignite any of our Flash Paper, Flash Cotton and Slow Cotton. 20cm wire.

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Talon Igniters use a nichrome wire.  9v battery works fine.  Can be used to pop balloons and even light our Smoke Matches – these work well in SFX models etc. Not recommended for our Smoke Emitters. 50cm wire

$2.50 each


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