The performer takes a piece of newsprint clips it to the bull dog clip, and proceeds to demonstrate the power of his laser pointer. He points the laser at the newsprint and up it goes in a flash.  Or the performer takes a book of matches clips the matches to the bull clip. He can use his laser pointer or his mental thoughts. Cool huh!

A spectator writes a message or use a signed bill. Clip it to the bull dog clip. Point the laser at it. It goes up in a flash. Reproduce it in your favourite fashion.  This is a remote control unit. You are at full control at all times. You can do it over and over, no reset, put it in the bull clip. You can do all kinds of great FIRE magic. The uses are endless. Remote has a distance of 15 metres (it even works thru walls) Think of the possibilities…endless.   Does require (not included) flash paper, flash cotton, or flash notes.