Add some spice to your next wood burning fire by making it a color changing fire!

Mystical Fire will provide colourful flames for any wood burning fire!  Everyone who enjoys Bonfires, campfires, or just watching the flames in the fireplace at home will be excited while watching the color of flames change for around 30 mins

You’ll be amazed by the vibrant color changing fire it will achieve.  The colourful flames turn from red to blue to green to violet and will provide a stunning effect.


Only fireplaces that are used for heat generation and effects, around the camp fire, bonfire, home fireplace etc.

Try a packet on your fire…. Add once the fire has “got going” depending on the size of the fire add more packets.

DO NOT OPEN THE PACKET, just throw the whole thing into the fire place.  place. For LARGE fires, you can put on 1, 2, 3, or as many packets as you like.   USE OUR AUSSIE BONFIRE PACKS for big fires.

If you order is only for these items, your order will be sent freight free by standard Australia Post.  If you add other items to this order, our standing shipping rate applies. If you prefer this to be shipped by courier, add the standard courier fee of $15.00 at checkout.  Free Shipping  REMEMBER TO CLICK FREE SHIPPING at checkout if it applies.

MYSTICAL FIRE    1 pack $5.00     10 packs $35.00      20 packs $62.00      50 packs $135.00

BONFIRE SIZE      1 pack $6.00      10 packs $44.00      20 packs $80.00      50 packs $175.00