Smoke Cup The Smoke Cup is a must for coloured smoke lovers. This device enables you to create your favourite coloured smoke, right from the palm of your hand.  Used by magicians, theatre etc.

Can also be fitted on any prop; simply screw it down, load it, and strike the wheel. About five seconds later, a mysterious cloud of coloured smoke will be seen billowing around your favourite illusion. Perfect for Aladdin’s lamp. Requires raw coloured smoke powder that can be taken out of our Smoke Cartridges in addition to Slow Cotton (not included). You need SLOW COTTON for this item. 

Slow Cotton Slow Cotton in not a flash cotton, but specifically designed for igniting coloured smoke in the smoke cup.  1 piece per use. Pack of 6

Smoke Cloth A specially treated cloth, when ignited produces a whispy smoke.  Use in ashtrays, on clothing (with protection!) or to show the smouldering after effects of fire.   100mm square x 4  (A single 2.5 x 2.5 cm  square burns for approximately 1 minute