SPARKLE POT 1  – World Wide Exclusive

Produces fire balls, flashes, aerial bursts!!  NO igniters, auto turn off!  Requires Flash cotton, Flash Paper and Sparkle Additive for spark effects.  Complete with USB instructional video and batteries.  REMOTE CONTROL!

The Sparkle pot is great for producing effects you would normally require a pyrotechnician for.  See the SPARK SHOT below…can be shot vertically or horizontally.  The Mega Comet shot is on the bottom right.  $250.00  


We received a shipment which do not have an on/off switch on the base unit.  In other words, once you put the batteries in the base the unit is on, especially with regard to the receiver for the remote. The unit is also ready to fire, as it would be with a on/off switch turned on.

So, you would put the battery in just before putting in place on stage etc.  At this point the receiver is ON, regardless of which version you would have.  We have tested this and left the unit in the ON position for 24 hrs and still OK to fire the unit.

You just have to remember to remove the battery after use. Just the same has having to remember to switch the unit off after use.