Geelong Fireworks Spirit Gum

A high viscosity superior Gum  Available in 15ml (with brush) $12.00 , 50ml $17.00 and 100 ml $49.00

Geelong Fireworks Spirit Gum Remover

For removing appliances attached with Spirit Gum.  Also for removing Rigid Collodion.  Available in 50ml $8.50  and 100ml  $15.00

Global Colours Spirit Gum

Global Colours’ Spirit Gum is a strong professional-grade cosmetic adhesive, perfect for attaching moustaches, beards, lace-front wigs, bald caps and prosthetic appliances.

Using a brush, cotton tip, or fingers, dab the Spirit Gum directly to clean dry skin and wait 2 minutes for the alcohol to evaporate before proceeding. Once the 2minutes have passed, begin gently tapping the spirit gum area to increase the stickiness. When you can feel a suitable level of tackiness (ie. your finger starts to stick to the gum), your adhesive is ready to use. Simple press the prosthetic/bald cap/hairpiece onto the gum, and smooth to ensure adhesion. To remove: It is important that when using Spirit Gum, you are equipped in advance with Spirit Gum Remover to make sure you can remove your prosthetic safely.

Global Colours Spirit Gum Remover

Global Colours’ Spirit Gum Remover is a gentle professional-grade adhesive remover, specifically designed to dissolve and remove our Global Colours’ Spirit Gum.

Soak a cotton ball in Spirit Gum Remover and gently massage the area where the prosthetic is attached. Hold the cotton ball on the area for 10-15 seconds if necessary. The Spirit Gum will dissolve easily and your adhered prosthetic can be safely peeled away from the skin. Wash the area with soap and water.

Spirit Gum $8.50  Remover $8.50  Pack of 1 of each $15.95