1. Spitfire is a semi-automatic design, which can show both hands without pressing the switch all the time;

2. Spitfire adds anti-tempering device, which is safe and reliable;

Use in thee face-changing props of Sichuan Opera-the finale of the face-changing performance! Very shocking visual effects!

The traditional way of  spitting fire, is using fuel in your mouth, and after the performance, there is a strong smell of oil and gas in the mouth for many days, and eating, drinking, and life are all affected. This prop solves this problem. It is not only convenient to carry, but also No need to blow, and the firepower is fierce! The time of each fire spray can be controlled freely, and you can spray as long as you want.

Spitfire features:

1. No need to use oil, safe and stable; hands can be displayed;

2. You don’t need to blow with your mouth, you can vomit for as long as you want, anti-tempering design, free control;

3. The operation is simple, BUT IT IS DANGEROUS and MUST only be used by those trained in fire “eating” already.

4. It is suitable for all kinds of monsters and ghosts such as face changing in Sichuan opera, monkey king, bull devil, dragon king, clown and so on/

5. The props can be used for a long time without being broken.

THIS DEVICE USES A BUTANE TANK (not supplied)  $249.00

WE have TWO in stock, but you will need to contact us to discuss this purchase…thank you.