Transform any party into a surprise party with the reusable Surprise Cake Popping Stand!

Surprise Popping Cake Stand – Hidden Gift

The stand that hides a secret gift inside the cake that automatically pops out to give them the ultimate pop before realising that a secret surprise is waiting for them to open up.

How it works:
Before you put your pre-made cake onto the popping cake stand just place a gift, whether it’s confetti, streamers, cash, a new phone, lollies, or other awesome stuff into the tube in the centere  of the cake stand. Then just press the tube down into the launching mechanism.

This revolutionary new cake stand works as a regular cake stand with an added twist. With a pop-up tube centre, you can hide small treats or gifts inside the cake, for the birthday boy or girl to reveal when they blow out their candles. It’s perfect for storing new phones, gift cards, jewellery, concert tickets, cash, party favours or even pull off gender reveals!  The Popping Stand can fit a round cake up to 250mm  diameter and 65 mm tall.

Use this cake stand for various occasions and special events to come, just wash and reuse!

We do not recommend loading the gift pod with items weighting more than 450 grams . With increased weight, the spring will struggle to push the gift pod up.

Accessories shown in photos not included. $55.00 RRP  Our price $39.00

To assist you in putting your stand together, there are printed instructions included, but this video will help: