This is a modular system of parts, designed to be built into a prop or illusion. Perhaps you want fire to shoot out of your cane or staff, or you want sparks to come from the hand rest of the “electric chair” in your haunted house, or you want smoke to billow from the inside of the top hat that is laying inverted on your magic table.

This kit comes with all of the device parts necessary to create the following: flash of fire or light, with or without smoke; puff of coloured smoke; shooting fireball; flash of fire and smoke in midair. All units have terminals that can be interchanged quickly with the ignition system, allowing you to create more than one effect. The miniature parts are:

Mini Flash Pot, Wide Angle Flash Ejector, uses 3V glo-plug, included. Table Mount Flash Gun, and Ignition System (AA-size battery pack with table mount button switch and special 2m. leads).  Plus instruction sheets to enable you to offer a range of effects.    Important: You will need our SureFire Igniters to use with the flash pot – single use.