Create a sparkling moment for your wedding with silver and white confetti. The confetti will burst into the air and float all around you. You’ll experience the happiness of being in the centre of a huge cloud of  confetti. It will make for a sparkling moment on your big day. You’ll be even happier afterward when you see the wonderful photos.

6 x 30 cm Cannons filled with either i) White  Confetti    ii) Silver  Confetti    iii) White & Silver Confetti.

The large confetti rectangles are approximately 50mm long and 15mm wide.  This size is perfect for creating a delicate confetti shower. The white confetti will float and spin while the silver confetti will add sparkle in the air. You can shoot them separately for many different photo ops. Shoot them all together to create a superb confetti effect.

This Wedding Confetti Pack is ONLY available it the options above.  For other colours etc. please see our Confetti Cannon page

All packs (6 cannons) are $89.00 plus shipping.

We FILL our Confetti Cannons in Geelong Australia.  We do not rely on pre-filled (= not much in them) cannons from overseas. Because of the filling and the gas pressure in our cannons, they out perform longer cannons.