Spinning wheels cannot be overlooked for displays. Forget the old Catherine Wheel nailed to a post….wheels from Geelong Fireworks are spectacular.

Our DOUBLE WHEEL and WINDMILL are great for small school displays, weddings when leaving the reception etc. 30 seconds to 60 seconds duration.

Maltese Wheel 6 M DIAMETER WHEEL! RADDIENA (plural is irdieden).

The Magnificent 6 metre Diameter STARFISH Raddiena was commissioned by us from one of Malta’s premier designers and builders of Irdieden.

In Malta it is an old tradition that fireworks displays accompany numerous religious feasts all over the island. The fiesta season kicks off with the feast of St. Publius just after Easter Sunday, and ends with the feast of St. Leonard in mid-September. Firework preparations commence in mid-October when the local temperature starts to drop

Hundreds of colored lances, the gears and movement of the Irdieden being pushed by nearly 100 pyrotechnic drivers. One of the traditions in fireworks is what is normally known as Catherine Wheels or Irdieden. These type of wheels are very popular and are presently being constructed in large forms. There are Irdieden of nine meters diameter and even larger. These constructions are fixed to wooden masts which are then fitted into holes in the ground of the village square.

Irdieden displays are mainly staged on the eve of a feast being celebrated. Displays usually start at about 11.00 pm. All shows normally start with a wheel of one meter in diameter. This is a notification to all spectators that the display is about to commence. Normally, a wheel consists of around 100 drivers tied in sequence to the circumference of the wheel. The wheel also has hundreds of colored lances fixed to the inside so that while the wheel spins, beautifully colored designs will be formed.

Geelong Fireworks is proud to be the FIRST FIREWORKS COMPANY to introduce the Starfish Irdieden into Australia. This amazing device even attracts crowds during set up during the day….and at night as the finale in one of our fantastic firework displays the effect is stunning.