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Hopefully you have checked out our work on our WEDDING PAGE.

This is what happened with a Lower Cost, Cheaper, Why are you so “expensive”, etc result.I can honestly say I have NEVER seen a worse, or more dangerous set up.

To clarify what you are about to see:

The Video, a waterfall effect strung up on light stands, and MOST DANGEROUSLY OF ALL, ignited with a product called QUICKMATCH – which had that explosive effect of showering people with BURNING SPARKS..This product is ILLEGAL to use as such, being only used for OUTDOOR DISPLAYS – I am talking about how the waterfalls were lit almost at head height!

The “2 metre” fountains on the dance floor.  Ours are a genuine 2 metre high fountain.

The cheaper version:











Let’s wrap black tape around poles, stick them in a blue plastic pipe, wire them into $20.00 firing units  (ours are $500 EACH), run tape across the floor (ours are WIRELESS), then stick a 60 cm firework on top.

And check out their fog? effect.